Midwestern Blood Extras

by North Lincoln

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Too many songs, just too many songs. We headed into Goldentone Studios with Rob McGregor with a laundry list 21 songs ready to go. With that many to get through obviously some others are going to be left to the wayward.

"Natural Distractions" was a song that was actually one of the first to be written for the album. Even with a couple demo versions laying around this song never really felt like it had a suitable place. Even at the end of the session it still didn't sound like it had a home on the record.

"Congratulations Kelly Olsen" was a song written for our dear friends graduation party as a present, played only once, acoustic by Kevin at said Graduation Party. At one point it was supposed to end up on something, somewhere, but i've since forgotten what that was supposed to be.

Brian came to one of the last practices before we left to record with "Empty Words" and "Blame", the latter of which ended up on the AOTU Single Series 7". There was never a plan to record either song but somehow we managed to convince Brian to throw both down. We're glad he did, both songs came out great.


released August 12, 2009

Brian Beckwith - Bass & Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Nunn - Guitar & Vocals
John Massel - Drums



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North Lincoln Grand Rapids, Michigan

June 14, 1999 - January 16, 2010

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Track Name: Natural Distractions
This is a song that had been around for years, I believe we even recorded it three separate times. It just never felt good basically and I was never sold on it being a good song. (Kevin)
Track Name: Empty Words
After already recording 19 songs for Midwestern Blood, I managed to convince Brian to lay down two songs as just himself. It's stuff he'd had for a while and anytime he would play either I fell in love with them. The other appeared on the Art Of The Underground Single Series Volume #18 7".
Track Name: Congratulations Kelly Olsen
I wrote this for my dear friend Kelly a few days before driving to Oswego, NY to play a solo set for her Graduation from SUNY Oswego party. At one time there was a live recording from that party of me playing it on acoustic that i'd much rather post than this. Kind of like the song above, it always just worked better on a solo format than full band. Can't find that tape anymore though. This recording of it is good, but never felt good putting it anywhere.