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by North Lincoln

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released June 14, 1999



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North Lincoln Grand Rapids, Michigan

June 14, 1999 - January 16, 2010

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Track Name: Dead Guy Ale
This was always a great song, it just never really fit anywhere. It's long and kinda weird and really just never had a fitting on any release. We had originally recorded it during the Xorlias demos. Always liked this recording of it the best. It finally ended up getting released years later on the Dead Broke Rekerds Tape Comp Vol. 2.
Track Name: Don't Change (INXS)
Honestly, we would always kill it playing this cover live, but both times we attempted to record it, it just kind of came out eh. It takes a strong vocal to carry this song, something Kevin and Brian couldn't capture with it. Maybe we were just drunk and thought we were playing it awesome?

This is from the "Midwestern Blood" demos, the version we recorded in Gainesville was even worse if you think this is bad.
Track Name: Cold Friends
Found this ditty in the initial demos for "Midwestern Blood" we recorded with Matt Ten Clay in Grand Rapids. Don't remember much about it, but pretty sure it was the last song written and would have bumped us up to 22 songs to record. I remember sending Marco from Salinas Records all the demos and him telling me this was the only good song. Then we never did anything with it again. In your face Marco.
Track Name: My Summer Spent Indoors
This is the original all band demo, Brian had written this song after his back surgery and was way loaded up on pain killers. He played us a home demo of the song which was him literally going crazy on a floor tom and singing with some piano in the backround. If I can ever get that converted to digital i'll put it up here cause it's awesome
Track Name: Finger On The Pulse
This song was a pre-cursor to "Four Walls Don't Make A Home". You can hear it in the opening and verse parts. This may have even been the only time it was ever played live and for some reason I have a (not very good) recording of that show.

My best guess is this is probably like 2003.
Track Name: Florida is the Reason (Rob & Katina's Wedding Version)
This is the super pop version of a song that we had originally written in like 1999 or 2000. As a present for our good friend Rob Burt's wedding, we sped it up a bunch, made it poppy as hell, re-recorded it.
Track Name: Boilerplate
None of us have any recollection of writing this song what so ever. It's on a disc with the first ever recording of "Who's Counting Anyway" so that places it around 2002 or early 2003 for writing. Wasn't a bad song either! Not sure why we never did anything with it. How bout that bass line in the break down? Bitchin.
Track Name: Who's Counting Anyway
This is the first incarnation of what has always been slated as one of our fan favorite songs. This is about 2002, and pretty sure we wrote the song a couple days before hand. Recorded on Kevin's 8 track in John's parents basement.
Track Name: Landslide
Kevin and Brian LOVE Fleetwood Mac. This came about at around 1am after a night of drinking a bunch of wine together at Kevin's house. Kinda funny to hear back now.
Track Name: She Likes Commitment
This was a part of the Xorlias demos sessions, it had only been practiced a couple times and never really had a chance to be finished being written. But it exists so here it is!
Track Name: Must I Throw Up This Child
Around the mid '00s there was an amazing band called LEG from Indiana. This is one of their songs done by Kevin, it was supposed to be for something but can't remember why anymore.